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reet agrawal


Hey everyone! I’m Reet and I’m a sophomore at Brown from Jaipur, India. I’m interested in the intersections of technology, art and design, in particular how motion is added to things- whether it is through the stroke of a paintbrush or through a precisely engineered kinetic sculpture. My curiosity is directed towards understanding how technologies in specific areas of computer science and engineering can help design a future that is in motion and a state of flow.


I came into freshman year at Brown with the idea that I would pursue Visual Arts with some sort of STEM combined and I made it my mission to explore as many different STEM classes as I could before I make up my mind. After taking courses in computer science, math, engineering and cognitive science, I have realized my passion for all of these and more as I continue to pursue them alongside art.


This year I plan to begin my journey of pursuing an Independent Concentration that puts together some of these passions and allows me to focus on my interests while letting me take the full advantage of Brown’s Open Curriculum. The way I was led to this point was after narrowing things down to Computer Science and Visual Arts I felt like the only classes I would take the rest of my time at Brown would be CS and VISA. While that can be rewarding for people with these specific interests, I felt like it didn’t align with my personal ideology of learning and being inspired by other disciplines such as philosophy, literature and other scientific areas. Hopefully, with an Independent Concentration, I can carve out a path particularly suited for myself. Design plays an important role in my life as I continue to explore the aforementioned intersections as I perceive design as the functional aspect to something with an aesthetic component. On campus I’m involved with STEAM and Better World by Design. I hope to make design more accessible to students at Brown through Design@Brown and expand this community with more and more interesting, cool and loving people! ​


My Favorite Designers: Check out StudioDRIFT on Instagram! Their works leave me in awe.


build upon others’ experiences

You will find that people at Brown come from many different backgrounds and have many different experiences. While it is important to live out your own experiences and learn from them, I believe there is value in building upon lessons learnt from each other. Specifically in design at Brown, learn from others’ experiences with classes, professors, work philosophies and experiment to find out what suits you best!


talk to lots of people

At Brown, you can learn through the stories and interests of other people just about as much as you learn through classes! I would advise people to take advantage of that and reach out to people and learn from them as much as they can! It is not about being an extrovert or the most social person on campus but striking up conversations with strangers on this campus can reveal the most interesting things and that has had a profound experience on my design journey at Brown! You will never know where you run into like-minded people who will inspire you and your work!


find out about and use resources

Brown has a lot of resources which can be very easy to miss. It can be a challenge to navigate sometimes but the exploration can be promising! Seek out resources and you will find everything from grants for projects to personal mentoring that will guide your way through and beyond Brown! ​ ​

I’d love to talk more! Reach out to me at and let’s strike up a conversation! ​ ​

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