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mariel rosic

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Hello! I’m Mariel: a Neuroengineering Undergrad at Brown University, passionately curious about brains, embodiment, and human-centered impactful technologies. I believe that for the first time in history, thanks to technologies like brain-machine interfaces and the expansion of what it means to be human, we are capable of driving our own evolution... and I want to be a force in that revolution.


I am taking a semester off from school. I'm creating a suite of perspective-shifting AR/VR experiences, conducting full-time research at Brown on cortical processing of pain, voraciously learning more about human cognition/perception/interaction, making more time for serendipity, reading plenty of books, and meeting new people whenever I can. I’ve designed everything from mechanical and robotic models of fish, better walkers for the elderly, and medical devices, to name a few. I am also a leader of STEAM at Brown - a student group that funds and executes amazing, inspiring projects at the intersections of the arts and sciences.


1. try to take project-based classes

2. find opportunities outside of the classroom

If you’re an experiential learner like me, you’ll soon realize that the best projects and most creative, innovative pursuits happen outside the classroom. Join a student group (like STEAM!) that facilitate your creative pursuits, spend time and take advantage of the BDW, and never be afraid to attend a hackathon or makeathon, even if you feel inexperienced.


3. Find. Good. Mentors.

They will make all the difference.

4. surround yourself with friends and peers who also like to make and create

Nothing is better than making something amazing with a friend.


5. in short: “don’t let schooling interfere with your education” ;)

If you have any questions or problems that you think I could help with,

please shoot me an email at I am very responsive.

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