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katya scocimara


Hello! My name is Katya and I’m from Menlo Park, California and I’m interested in how design can be used to create the best systems, products, and processes possible. I would predominantly say I’m interested in industrial design/product design, but I also have a great appreciation for architecture and graphic design.


It’s taken me a long time to figure out how to study design at Brown. Coming in freshman year, I thought I would get a double degree in Mechanical Engineering and Visual Arts (for those of you with this same illusion, please come talk to me during our office hours! I can tell you now it’s not as easy as you think). I quickly realized that it's near impossible to get this degree and explore any other interests at Brown so I spent the next year bouncing between the different options offered for me at Brown (independent concentration, A.B. in architecture, A.B. in engineering, etc.). I finally decided after a lot of research, help from fellow students/faculty, and some soul searching that my interests would best be serves doing a A.B. in Engineering and an independent concentration in design.


If you have any of the same interests or concerns, please come talk to me! I have a lot of knowledge about the pros and cons of each of the different concentrations listed above and would love to share them with you!


Along the way I’ve also had a lot of experiences in multiple different design areas. I’ve done some graphic design for a Brown non-profit called TinkKnit and during my 2018 summer I did a 6 week intensive architecture program at Harvard's Graduate School of Design. So I can tell you exactly what happens in an architecture program or what skills/tools you need for graphic design! ​ ​


favorite classes i’ve taken

ENGN 0930 - Design Studio, Ian Gonsher

VISA 1420 - Sculpture II: Conceptual Propositions, Paul Myoda

ENGN 0040 - Dynamics and Vibrations, Allan Bower

HIAA 0860 - Contemporary Architecture, Dietrich Neumann

These classes are amazing, but if you can find a class that’s taught by any of these professors, they’ll be fantastic as well!


go to the BDW and get certified in all the tools!

I knew about the BDW and all its cool tools since freshman fall, but I didn’t realize just how amazing a place it is until my sophomore fall. Don’t be like me! You can do some really amazing things in the BDW and it’s a super fun and engaging space to hang out in since there’s always people doing interesting projects or thinking of brilliant ideas in there!


join the design@brown Facebook group and go to deb’s office hours

Deb Mills-Scofield is a fantastic resource to know if you want to be in the design world. She’s got a wealth of knowledge and connections and is always happy to meet passionate, excited students. She posts opportunities to meet with her when she comes to campus on our facebook page, Design@Brown, so make sure you follow us there! ​

Feel free to reach out at!

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