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eric dubois

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Hi! My name is Eric and I’m from Moultonborough, New Hampshire. I’m interested on the business side of design, focusing primarily on prototyping, branding and marketing. My design style focuses on finding the intersection of feasibility, functionality and marketability.


I entered Brown as a Biomedical Engineer and have stuck with this concentration through my time here. I have found that engineering satisfies my need for mathematical rigor and conceptual complexity, but in many ways lacked the creative design I assumed to be inherent in this field of study. I found a variety of clubs and organizations that helped fill this gap, allowing me to practice prototyping and business-oriented design without losing the fundamental engineering background that I valued so highly.


My path to this point has been driven by connections. Many people you meet throughout your time at Brown will provide you with a variety of unique opportunities. Many of my best project and portfolio pieces have come from doing a favor for a friend or joining a club on a recommendation.


Listed below are a few of my activities and organizations, feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to learn more and remember, connections are everything!


find design-oriented groups

My favorites are The Brown Design Workshop, Brown Building Society, Research Labs, and Design@Brown (obviously).


look out for startups

Innovation Dojo, The Nelson Center, and Capstone Classes all tend to involve components of design and a need for designers. These resources often hold business-oriented students that generate great ideas but require help with prototyping, marketing and branding.


find members of the design community

Design brings people of all types together. They vary in interests, design styles, post-college plans and more. These students are great to bounce ideas off of, great support for finding classes and opportunities as well as really fun humans. Make an effort to join clubs like STEAM, WISE, and D@B to meet as many as possible!

Feel free to reach out to me at!

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