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elizabeth austin


Hello! My name is Elizabeth, and I would sum myself up as an experience designer across both digital and physical platforms. I hail from Denver, Colorado, but have also lived in Russia and Mongolia.


Like many of the other design-oriented people you’ll meet during your time at Brown, I arrived believing that I would leave a mechanical engineer. I thought being a Mech-E was the perfect path to many of my interests - architecture, industrial design, and even civil engineering. However, by the end of my freshman year, I realized that my education was sorely lacking my true passion - designing for human experience.


I realized that behind each of my interests, there’s a desire to create better experience through design, whether it be in a physical or digital space. Once I realized this was what I needed to nurture through my education, I upgraded to the Engineering A.B. This gave me the opportunity to continue taking the engineering classes I enjoy, but also gives me more time to pursue classes in urban studies, architecture, and UI/UX.


Beyond experiential design, I also love examining interdisciplinary thinking and organizational design (such as Design Systems). I am also one of the STEAM co-presidents for the 2018-19 year, so please reach out if you want to talk! ​


favorite classes i've taken (in the order i've taken them)

LITR 0110A - Fiction I

CSCI 0130 - UI/UX

URBN 0210 - The City: An Introduction to Urban Studies

ENGN 0260 - Mechanical Technology

ENGN 1740 - Computer Aided Visualization and Design

HIAA 0860 - Contemporary Architecture

URBN 1942 - Designing the 21st Century City in West Africa: Informality and New Urban Planning Languages


how to spend your time at brown

Brown is a great place for people who have a lot of interests, so it's very easy to over-commit yourself. The best way you can spend your time is by focusing on one or two big projects and clubs at once. This ensures that you can manage your time more easily, and helps you center yourself around a passion. Additionally, when you speak to potential employers about things you've done, they'll be much more impressed if you talk about the one or two things that you were very involved with and truly learned from, rather than a collection of clubs and projects you briefly participated in.

Feel free to reach out to me at!

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