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design spaces

Makerspaces play a vital role in Brown’s design community. Below are some of the most popular places to build on campus.

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By far the most popular makerspace on campus, the BDW is the go to place for most design needs. Tools include laser cutters, 3D printers, a woodworking area, and so much more. The BDW is also staffed by friendly students who host workshops every day to help get you certified on all of the tools. Check out the BDW calendar to see what workshops are when. Make sure you don’t leave your projects until the last moment, though - the BDW gets busiest as reading period approaches.


The Brown Design Workshop can be found in Prince Lab, located at the corner of Brook St. and Manning Walk (182 Hope St., Box D, Providence, RI 02906). ​ If you are on Brooke St., the best entry port is through the ground floor of Prince Lab. Follow signs to "Brown Design Workshop" once inside.


Sun-Thurs   2pm - 12am

Fri               2pm - 8pm

Sat               closed

multimedia lab (mml)

The MMLs are actually three distinct spaces located in the Granoff Center, List Art Center, and Grad Center. The MMLs specialize in digital design tools, including everything from image, video, and audio editing to fine art printing. Each Center has different tools available, so be sure to check out their website and see what is where. 


The Grad Center MML is open to all students on campus. However, but the List and Granoff Centers require you to complete an orientation before you gain card access to the spaces. You also must complete additional training for any of the fabrication tools they have. The workshops are typically held once a semester per tool, so be sure to keep your eye out on when they happen.


Granoff Center

154 Angell Street, Providence, RI 02906

List Art Center

64 College St, Providence, RI 02912

Grad Center Tower E

42 Charlesfield St, Providence, RI 02912


Granoff Center

Sun               12am-8pm

Mon-Thurs   8:30am-12pm

Friday           8:30am-10pm

Sat                12pm-6pm

List Art Center

Sun           Closed

Mon-Fri   8:30am-5pm

Sat           Closed

Grad Center

Open 24/7


The List Art Center is more than just an MML location. It is also home to painting studios, a black and white darkroom, a digital print lab, a printmaking studio, and a sculpture studio. Most students gain access to these spaces when they take a relevant class in one of them. The best way to gain access to these studios without taking a class is to reach out to the professors who operate within them.


64 College St, Providence, RI 02912


Sat-Sun    Closed

Mon-Fri   8:30am - 5pm ​


John St Studio is probably the least known makerspace on campus. It is cohabited by the Architecture and TAPS departments, and is not as big as the other studios on campus. It includes a woodworking shop and a dozen drafting tables, as well as a sewing studio and painting space. It is a popular meeting space for many design-oriented groups on campus, though, such as Design For America, Better World by Design, Innovation Dojo, and etc. ​ You need to have card access to enter the space, which is usually provided when you take a class hosted there. However, you can also reach out to the space director, Alex Haynes, to sign up for the once-a-semester workshop to gain access to the space.


50 John St, East Providence, RI 02914


Every day    8am-12pm

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