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daniel tompkins



Hi! My name is Daniel. I am a junior here at Brown, currently creating my own concentration in Human Centered Design. The goal of my studies is to explore the interdisciplinary spaces between engineering, art, psychology and philosophy, and apply what I learn to developing better designs for real people and projects.


I believe that the most crucial step to designing anything is to develop an empathic relationship with the target user through interaction and qualitative analysis. Often this can be a daunting task, and many designers will tend to design from their own perspective first, but by employing psychology principles and iterating frequently, the practice of design can be greatly improved.


My creative practice began in the 8th grade, when I joined my schools tech theater program to help design and build sets for school plays. In the time since then I have learned and practiced with terra cotta sculpture, metal sculpture, advanced carpentry and many more. I have made everything from furniture to lighting fixtures, robots, display pieces, and even a formula race car!


My personal interests include classical and contemporary sculpture, surfing, haptic feedback technology, hiking, UX design, Virtual Reality and 3D modelling, TIG welding, bicycling and much, much more. ​

Feel free to reach out to me at!

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